My Silent Suicide

Lost in your prose you were; telling me the vows you made,
like a lukewarm pessimist I read ‘Your talk’ laughing at the everyday attention to nonsense,
I was there yet away, engrossed but unbelieving,
I knew the treason of men
The reason of Vanity
The fear of rejection
And Yes, the inevitability of the culmination of things
The Omega of all that has a Genesis!

I Succumbed silently to your Sweet nothings,
Forgot about Karma,
Passion replaced Reason,
And all was lost!
I could not fathom space without your presence
Reality without your truth.

So you said I Was your yours,
Forever and Always,
Closing my Eyes I Visualized the unsought,
The Possibility of the Impossible.

Now I’ve lost myself to you,
Blind to all that makes Sense,
Not even your betrayal illuminates,

You can learn to love, to know sacrifice
To accept Servitude,
I wait , Yes I wait….


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