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Thief’s Honour

I’m hiding beneath my tunic another’s own,
My fingers clasped in priceless fold.

I hold in my Mind a moments grandeur,
Of birth bleak but existence infinite.

Bourne in Nonchalant cast,
Betraying not the Tempest within;
It ravages my being demanding mention,
to Leave and let Live, to be free.

Were it my lot to give back,
I would in manner equal;
Only to steal it back again!

That which plagues my soul,
That which fills my being with secret longing……

This anothers Kiss!

©njuguna Xavier 2011

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I’m stuck in a solitary contraption
Serving time devoid of Progress,
Living in an infinite moment devoid of regress.
I’m stuck….
Stuck in this my life’s Detention.

Once Dull, stationary it now stands
In motionless magic,
A spell of great Seduction.

For you mi-Lady we wait;

Yeah of gesture grand hath wounded Us,
See how we bleed attraction.
Daughter of Beauty’s seed;
You who steals my attention,
Beg You we must to enter this Contraption.
For within, flowers infinite affection
Waiting for none but your palms Perfection.

Be Mine!


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Once on a Mondays Stroll
I came across a hidden Cross.
Polished to a Spot it glinted with beauty,

It told me of devotion, hard work and Love
that a Carpenters hand had immortalized.

But lifting it up I found a termites nest,
Left unattended, they had crept up on it
And were now eating through Someone’s Salvation!


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Nyakio, how soon you forget!
Have you forgotten the way we looked into each other’s eyes
As we swung to the rhythm of the ‘Mwomboko’
Daughter of the Earth,
Do you not remember the beads of sweat on my face,
The gyrations of my body or my strong arm on yours

Where was He,
Bone of my bones whence he come from
He of the Munjiru Clan,
He of countless Oxen.

See Nyakio, see how they laugh
Have they too forgotten you were betrothed to me!
Do they not care,
Do they not care that my people will be put to shame.

You with a face as smooth as a baby’s buttocks,
You resembling the hills and valleys of this our land,
You who are rightfully mine;
Is it me you bequeath that scornfull stare!

Daughter of the Earth,
You who now feigns a short memory
I’ll learn to forget, my people too
But the God of Kirinyaga,
He who knows my today and your tomorrow;


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