When hustle turns to stable bustle,
Uncouth loud dissolves in elite subtle,
Strutting to hooting metallic muscle,
Don’t forget we ‘little boys’.

When plenty drowns scarce,
And true nature sleeps with airy farce,
Soon as it’s all about ‘class’,
Save a moment for we ‘little boys’.

Hero of Damsels in Distress,
Zoo keeper to Lovers and Mistress,
When ‘Mr Wallet’ does all the shouting,
Let your eyes caress us ‘nothings’.

Your cronies you now dub bothersome beggars,
Lazy believers in miracles and dreams,
Forget not you too once did,
‘Little boy’ now living the ‘Big Boy Dream’.

Gossip and whispers were overheard,
Talking about the now visible inevitable,
You have found others alike,
‘Seasoned Big Boys’ just how you like.

‘Big Boy’ your laugh is loudest,
laughing at ‘little boy’ jokes,
As you jest about this our tempest,
Forget not we ‘Little Boys’ also Dream!



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