On Monday She chose to forget her blues,
Washed his clothes and wiped his shoes,
Helped with their homework in subtle clues,
At three in the morn opened the door, in came Mr Rules.

She became a whore,
On Tuesday She did,
He forcefully ripped the dress she wore,
He taken all, still took more.

It’d been their wedding day,
So held the bliss of that Wednesday,
He forgot to come home had nothing to say
On to the next so came Thursday.

Rough and tough, She’d made it through
Came home late, a few minutes though
It began with a slap, ‘A show of love’
Young eyes watched as he gifted Blows.

A black eye for Friday and a broken tooth to match,
She told it all, everything but the truth
She’d been wrong, herself she blamed
And that night he brought home a ‘Backstreet Famed’

She’d take no more, was Saturdays resolution
Packed hers and theirs, goodbye-ing her destitution
But turned back at the door, they’d find a Solution
and that night…..  Died for her Hesitation!




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