Paul From The Wall

Once between a yawn and a dream break,
I caught a cockroach making a break,
Across the wall he ran, trampling over Words
And just when he got to Paul, he took a break.

“Paul was here” said the wall,
And it made me ponder on this here sight,
Why a roach in flight from obvious fright,
Would stop at Paul in midnights Light.

And then it sang a sorrowful song,
Telling a tale of wanting Sin,
Events unknown, Innocence unseen
About this Paul it must have been.

A place he’d been a time not long,
“He’d left with Her” so said the throng,
He had been blamed so went the song,
True it was but they were wrong.

He had other plans, other ‘mpangos’
He’d kissed her goodbye, so the song goes
Left alone and went back home,
Left the damsel Swirling to song.

Morning light found her sprawled,
On floor cold, her blood had flowed
“We want his head” the crowd had roared,
Of Paul we speak, lest you forgot.

I felt his anguish, saw his torment
Felt his innocence, his civil intent
Oh how I wished I’d take his place,
My guilt though less, still guilt itself.

It Danced a dance of obvious gloom,
He had a child, he was a groom,
This here place was once his room,
The day before he’d hanged at noon.

In that prison cell, my futures hell
A Roach’s song, it made me well
Right there I’d stay, Right there I’d dwell
I’d pay my dues and the innocents as well.



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