Daughter of mine you’re so smart Calling me ‘Mum’ when you know I’m ‘Dad’. lol! I know you’re not praying when you go down on your knees, Lie flat on your tummy and stare  at the carpet fairies: I know… I know you’re just mad! Leave the cat alone, don’t chase after her She’ll come …

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  Mumbi, see your Daughters See how proud they’ve become, They no longer respect their Men; They argue with their fathers, Tell off and shun their husbands. Mumbi, oh' your Daughters Have forgotten how to dress, They walk around with pronounced breasts, Strut arrogantly on exposed thighs, Now and then giving peaks at stringed previews. …

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A Rose petal lies between the pages of a book.One masked in humble title, burying within noble thoughts.Trapping moments of pure thrill, episodes birthing Human Disbelief. Cloaked beneath unknown calamity wields great sorrow Between the pages of this book lies You,Perfuming the words inspiring my Life.And there the story ends!