Daughter of mine you’re so smart
Calling me ‘Mum’ when you know I’m ‘Dad’.

I know you’re not praying when you go down on your knees,
Lie flat on your tummy and stare  at the carpet fairies:
I know…
I know you’re just mad!

Leave the cat alone, don’t chase after her
She’ll come to you, so will boys
But that’s a story your mother should tell.

Daddy’s girl I love strolling with you, you’re so curious
So innocent, so full of life;
that is a donkey, that one too, don’t! chickens peck,
ok! I know I said donkey but look, it has an adder; say “cow”
OOOOh that; that is toto and no! she’s not a toy.

Your smile Love, I carry with me;
On dull days and crushing moments,
It brightens my World.

I was there when you took your first breath,
When you cried out with the delight of birth,
Free at last;
I would have held you forever had you not demanded to suckle,
Haki Yako! You too?

I saw you take your first steps,
Swirie I knew you were fooling us;
Where is the limping wobbly gait.

You stab my Heart every time you cry,
Sometimes I let you;
KaMAMU save your tears,
You’ll need them to wash away life’s frustrations.

Sweet-Love I would give you the World where it mine to give,
You can’t have everything;
Soon you’ll forget glass and ache for diamonds instead.

How I love to watch you fall asleep in my arms,
If only this moment would last forever; I’d keep you safe,
Cushion you against life’s volleys
These arms will always be here for you.

I was there,
I’m still here,
Always will be;

Daughter of Mine, I LOVE YOU!

©njuguna Xavier 2011


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