Mumbi, see your Daughters
See how proud they’ve become,
They no longer respect their Men;
They argue with their fathers,
Tell off and shun their husbands.

Mumbi, oh’ your Daughters
Have forgotten how to dress,
They walk around with pronounced breasts,
Strut arrogantly on exposed thighs,
Now and then giving peaks at stringed previews.

They have chosen to look like starved wheat stalks,
Hiding their faces behind layers of expensive dust.
Mumbi, your Daughters so beautiful
Long buried their beauty to Death.

You will find them among Men,
Drinking too much, smoking everything;
Sniffing, spitting and talking vainly of things secret.
Mumbi, poor you
Your Daughters forgot how to be women.

They no longer call their children your name,
Nor are they taught our sweet language,
Mumbi, pray for your sons
we’re afraid of what they’ll do next!



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