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Her Heart


A band plays a song, a song I know
It tells of a heart that now is lost,
A heart of beauty, you might have seen
Stolen from her, thieves unseen.

It tells of a man with might of mind,
A man who seeks to make things right,
With  coaxing words and burning torch,
Lest its hidden in fading light.

This damsel they say, is beauty’s own
Her heart he seeks to make his own,
For bliss she is this much he’s known,
Shhhh! Lest she hears and his cover is blown.

Thus far I know of this here song,
But soon I’ll learn, know the unknown
Before they’re done before they wind,
In these here words, Her heart I’ll find!


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Posted by on April 2, 2012 in Creative thought


It’s A Cartoon Thing

Hun let’s play a game,
I’ll hunt you down, you’ll let me catch you.
Just like hide and seek,
a Tom and Jerry kind;

We’ll chase after my heart,
Spirited in a stone hard Cart,
Carved within is your name;
You have Flinstone effects.

You’ve got Sugar and Spice,
And everything Nice,
I’m chemical X,
Lets Puff with Power.

Baibe YOU and I spell LOVE,
Your Hawt+Me too =let’s make Hawt Babies (duh!)
I call it my ‘Johnny Bravo’ Cool!

Let’s solve this lonely mystery,
Doom our gloom to ancient History,
Forget the biscuits and Shaggy’s insticts,
We’ll jus’ Doo my Scooby moves.

Shuga please don’t cramp my style;
Let it mellow, lets take a while
I’ve seen it all you’ve nothing to prove,
Lets make our story a TopCat Groove.

Show me your colours and hidden selves,
Just like Ben reveal all Ten.
And Handle With Care this here Grown Man,
His Loving heart is a Humpty Dumpty affair!

©njuguna Xavier 2011

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Posted by on April 2, 2012 in Creative thought