Find X

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When your ex weds
And it ends

What ends?
If it had already ended?

To what end are these musings
Because I know they are not missings

He left
Your paths cross
The ones you thought you would tread together
Though your hearts long parted

The mind though
It still remembers
Though there are no embers

You moved on
You healed
Into a romance far much deeper you have gleaned

Something stirs though
And it lingers
The curiosity to find this x
Who now completes his equation

And so you see her
And she is lovely
And you know he would not have chosen less

But then you wonder
If she has it
This intellect
And realize, that maybe
It is he that lacked it


You have long been comforted
You are even contented

You have seen some of its works

So you wish him well
And turn that page
Actually no, you close that book.
That book marked x
That equation you shall never solve



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