These Words


Putting bits of yourself in ink
Sometimes wholes

Baring yourself
I hear we have a soul
In some complex myriad or mesh
A body a spirit a soul
Some three some ness

I shall go with self though, for this one
Writing is an avenue
An expression
A voice

It is a letting in
As much as it is a letting out

It is a gift I think I have
I enjoy written works, some more than others, as is of course
Some are way off my course
Others are in my cause

It is not a gift I think I give
Because mainly I write for me
To tell
To vent
To enjoy the thrill
Of words jumping
Out from my mind

Whether it be on a keyboard
Or with ink on a page
They flow
They dance
They swirl

Am no good on my feet
But with my ears
And with my words
I groove!


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