I see myself as an old soul, deprived of naive joy at moments of glee and instead viewing this life as one long roller coaster. The ups that are sometimes idle and long and draining, the summit that gives us , albeit for a moment, a view of the world beneath our feet. The downward hurtle that seems to never stop, takes our breath away and for a moment convinces us that this might well be the end until; we level out to again await the climb. Yet so unpredictable is life that sometimes everything turns upside down that we have no idea what side is up and we hold on for dear life even when we do not understand if this is part of life or what it is meant to be.

But to find purpose in it all is the single most arduous task, yet still the single most important. So let this pages I write engage you, make you think, challenge our perspectives. And still among-st the naivety and the gloom let us find our simple moments of glee, those which forget for a moment that we are sons of this earth and any control we have over it is only perceived.

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