Even now as goodbye beckons I can smile,
Smile for the many times you my daughter brought Sunshine,
Smile for the many jokes I played on the many un-named,
I smile for I have lived, for the part I’ve played.

It’s not by delusion that I wear this face,
They wonder, they staring helplessly
They getting to know how frail life is,
And they wonder why I smile.

I am ebbing, seeing things I never saw before
Maybe the blood in my eyes shades the familiar,
But then again maybe the unknown beckons,
Beckons with promise of sight, of breath, of life.

Wailing? Yes that is wailing, women’s wailing
Now I see, they hold their breath as if afraid to live
They are waiting, hoping, praying, holding their sons near
I am a son, I am a son! And I smile

Men, how they take charge bursting sinews
Sweating, puffing, thrusting, heaving
A ton and a  few men on top isn’t easy to lift after all
They won’t stop, I should stop them I’m almost done.

I lay beneath my beautiful metallic muscle,
She who once bore me now demands I do the same,
Not unlike the much unsaid that weighs on my mind,
The smiles not shared, precious moments cast in normalcy.

For life is but a moment, and in this moment all others have being
The past almost forgotten, the future departing
The people that mattered, yonder’s plans
The road not travelled, my life my legacy.

I want to cry out, voice all they’ll never know
Hold my wife, a true Queen to a ‘King’
See my daughters smile for one last time,
If not for these then to say “Daddy loves you”.

The crowd gathers, raising dins and wails and hysteria
But I ebb in silence thinking of a safety belt,
In this here moment, when all that matters is goodbye
All I can do is Smile!

@njugunaXavier 2012

Dear Timothy:
For the many times that silence cloaked our days, for the times you were there and your presence as fact of life, for the days when a pat a hug a meal shared was a gesture of habit.
For those many times unmentioned that now seem few, You are loved, will be loved and never forgotten for those few times are all we have of you and they will be forever treasured.
Rest in peace Timo!
Born: 4/12/1988            Died: 22/09/2012


Her Heart


A band plays a song, a song I know
It tells of a heart that now is lost,
A heart of beauty, you might have seen
Stolen from her, thieves unseen.

It tells of a man with might of mind,
A man who seeks to make things right,
With  coaxing words and burning torch,
Lest its hidden in fading light.

This damsel they say, is beauty’s own
Her heart he seeks to make his own,
For bliss she is this much he’s known,
Shhhh! Lest she hears and his cover is blown.

Thus far I know of this here song,
But soon I’ll learn, know the unknown
Before they’re done before they wind,
In these here words, Her heart I’ll find!


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It’s A Cartoon Thing

Hun let’s play a game,
I’ll hunt you down, you’ll let me catch you.
Just like hide and seek,
a Tom and Jerry kind;

We’ll chase after my heart,
Spirited in a stone hard Cart,
Carved within is your name;
You have Flinstone effects.

You’ve got Sugar and Spice,
And everything Nice,
I’m chemical X,
Lets Puff with Power.

Baibe YOU and I spell LOVE,
Your Hawt+Me too =let’s make Hawt Babies (duh!)
I call it my ‘Johnny Bravo’ Cool!

Let’s solve this lonely mystery,
Doom our gloom to ancient History,
Forget the biscuits and Shaggy’s insticts,
We’ll jus’ Doo my Scooby moves.

Shuga please don’t cramp my style;
Let it mellow, lets take a while
I’ve seen it all you’ve nothing to prove,
Lets make our story a TopCat Groove.

Show me your colours and hidden selves,
Just like Ben reveal all Ten.
And Handle With Care this here Grown Man,
His Loving heart is a Humpty Dumpty affair!

©njuguna Xavier 2011

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Daughter of mine you’re so smart
Calling me ‘Mum’ when you know I’m ‘Dad’.

I know you’re not praying when you go down on your knees,
Lie flat on your tummy and stare  at the carpet fairies:
I know…
I know you’re just mad!

Leave the cat alone, don’t chase after her
She’ll come to you, so will boys
But that’s a story your mother should tell.

Daddy’s girl I love strolling with you, you’re so curious
So innocent, so full of life;
that is a donkey, that one too, don’t! chickens peck,
ok! I know I said donkey but look, it has an adder; say “cow”
OOOOh that; that is toto and no! she’s not a toy.

Your smile Love, I carry with me;
On dull days and crushing moments,
It brightens my World.

I was there when you took your first breath,
When you cried out with the delight of birth,
Free at last;
I would have held you forever had you not demanded to suckle,
Haki Yako! You too?

I saw you take your first steps,
Swirie I knew you were fooling us;
Where is the limping wobbly gait.

You stab my Heart every time you cry,
Sometimes I let you;
KaMAMU save your tears,
You’ll need them to wash away life’s frustrations.

Sweet-Love I would give you the World where it mine to give,
You can’t have everything;
Soon you’ll forget glass and ache for diamonds instead.

How I love to watch you fall asleep in my arms,
If only this moment would last forever; I’d keep you safe,
Cushion you against life’s volleys
These arms will always be here for you.

I was there,
I’m still here,
Always will be;

Daughter of Mine, I LOVE YOU!

©njuguna Xavier 2011

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Mumbi, see your Daughters
See how proud they’ve become,
They no longer respect their Men;
They argue with their fathers,
Tell off and shun their husbands.

Mumbi, oh’ your Daughters
Have forgotten how to dress,
They walk around with pronounced breasts,
Strut arrogantly on exposed thighs,
Now and then giving peaks at stringed previews.

They have chosen to look like starved wheat stalks,
Hiding their faces behind layers of expensive dust.
Mumbi, your Daughters so beautiful
Long buried their beauty to Death.

You will find them among Men,
Drinking too much, smoking everything;
Sniffing, spitting and talking vainly of things secret.
Mumbi, poor you
Your Daughters forgot how to be women.

They no longer call their children your name,
Nor are they taught our sweet language,
Mumbi, pray for your sons
we’re afraid of what they’ll do next!


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A Rose petal lies between the pages of a book.
One masked in humble title, burying within noble thoughts.
Trapping moments of pure thrill, episodes birthing Human Disbelief.
Cloaked beneath unknown calamity wields great sorrow


Between the pages of this book lies You,
Perfuming the words inspiring my Life.
And there the story ends!

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On Monday She chose to forget her blues,
Washed his clothes and wiped his shoes,
Helped with their homework in subtle clues,
At three in the morn opened the door, in came Mr Rules.

She became a whore,
On Tuesday She did,
He forcefully ripped the dress she wore,
He taken all, still took more.

It’d been their wedding day,
So held the bliss of that Wednesday,
He forgot to come home had nothing to say
On to the next so came Thursday.

Rough and tough, She’d made it through
Came home late, a few minutes though
It began with a slap, ‘A show of love’
Young eyes watched as he gifted Blows.

A black eye for Friday and a broken tooth to match,
She told it all, everything but the truth
She’d been wrong, herself she blamed
And that night he brought home a ‘Backstreet Famed’

She’d take no more, was Saturdays resolution
Packed hers and theirs, goodbye-ing her destitution
But turned back at the door, they’d find a Solution
and that night…..  Died for her Hesitation!



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