Even now as goodbye beckons I can smile, Smile for the many times you my daughter brought Sunshine, Smile for the many jokes I played on the many un-named, I smile for I have lived, for the part I’ve played. It’s not by delusion that I wear this face, They wonder, they staring helplessly They …

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Her Heart

A band plays a song, a song I know It tells of a heart that now is lost, A heart of beauty, you might have seen Stolen from her, thieves unseen. It tells of a man with might of mind, A man who seeks to make things right, With  coaxing words and burning torch, Lest …

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A Rose petal lies between the pages of a book.One masked in humble title, burying within noble thoughts.Trapping moments of pure thrill, episodes birthing Human Disbelief. Cloaked beneath unknown calamity wields great sorrow Between the pages of this book lies You,Perfuming the words inspiring my Life.And there the story ends!