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Where flowers grow and dew never goes cold,
Where rivers flow and we never grow old,
Where hearts show and intentions are never told,
Where things are slow, and forever unfolds.

Should love tear* it melts to hate,
A pile of tears on a Golden Slate,
Patches on tears, said too late
A heart on a tear, another’s Bait.

And we stare down on the Heavens,
Reflections cruel deception,
Eight’s bowing down to sixes and seven’s,
Kings and Queens at a slaves reception.

When Fate and will conspire to spill,
All we feel, our realities real
Like Mutton Veal, the truth unreeled
Into Fables and fodder for the rumor Mill.

Staring at nothings yesterday,
Seeing nothing but everything’s today,
Were I brave I’d ask you “Stay”….
Let me love you one more day!

*tear has been used as per its meaning(s) as a noun

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Posted by on October 15, 2012 in Creative thought


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