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The sun to rule the day, the moon to shine by night
Yet still the moon not as bright,
 When her Earth dances and swirls aslight,
So we’re cast in the darkest of frights.

To Jupiter or Mars,
For Jupiter rules and Mars makes war,
But mightier than they is she whose she,
Venus of beauty, the goddess of Love.

And I as frail without your might,
When time deprives and space divides,
Should tempests hit and age deny,
I beg to stay and die beside.

Aires knows that cupid lies,
I Love you more than I love life,
Should chance provide what fate denies,
I’ll love you still past this my life.

And eons past in a moments cast,
Unknowns may ask who thou art,
In fear and woe and mighty fret,
So shall they know of my greatest yet.


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African Woman

African Woman

Hunch not my Queen,
These Burdens you carry with you,
Cast them unto my back.

You’ve tilled enough this African soil to feed your African Child,
Rest, rest Woman;
It’s your turn to eat, let others toil.

Hide your breasts Woman,
Let them sleep, see….
See your child;
How tall he walks, how strong His Arms
Their work is done!

Cry not African Woman, cry no more
See your Daughters, How beautiful they are;
How graceful their step,
Is this not flesh of your flesh?
African Woman, Smile; you are Reborn.

Lift up your eyes Mama,
Cast them Down no more
Look Mama, Behold your Home;
Behold them stare.
Listen, listen Woman
Do you not hear the whispers of their envy.

Hush African Woman, still your tongue
Let others chase after trespassing fowls,
Let them howl at the Quiver Birds.

African Woman Forget your shield,
Drop your ‘assegai’, stand guard no more
African Woman, my Dear Mother
The War is Won!

©njuguna Xavier 2011


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I’m stuck in a solitary contraption
Serving time devoid of Progress,
Living in an infinite moment devoid of regress.
I’m stuck….
Stuck in this my life’s Detention.

Once Dull, stationary it now stands
In motionless magic,
A spell of great Seduction.

For you mi-Lady we wait;

Yeah of gesture grand hath wounded Us,
See how we bleed attraction.
Daughter of Beauty’s seed;
You who steals my attention,
Beg You we must to enter this Contraption.
For within, flowers infinite affection
Waiting for none but your palms Perfection.

Be Mine!


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