7. I sold my soul: A Judas Edition

The Nubian Ibex

 I could tell you I regret
That my heart ached with coward pain
That in that moment, shame wasn’t why I did fidget
But that I had so much gain
That silver beauty lay delicious in my pocket
Just enough motivation to kiss in sight so plain

I could still whisper in your ears
That the walk to betray was so tough
The soles of my feet were lined with Godly fears
That while I was quick, the storm of decision was rough
Each step towards the messiah endured- years
That in the end, walking by him wasn’t enough

Not sure you’d listen, I would tell still
Of how I relished my ways so sly
How my heart went hard and cold as steel
I could tell you I wanted to cry
That I was oblivious of their plan to kill
That when about the savior they came to pry

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