26 Reasons do not suffice to exhaust the totality of her perfection.

For How Beautiful she is none can equal,
For her eyes that radiate with the wisdom of a thousand days and their sequels,
For how loving and dedicated she is with Thayu (Peace),
For her selflessness and abandon to always please.

For her smile that kills all things gloom,
For her touch that speaks breath to all things doomed,
When she calls and says unafanya ?,
For how hard she plays and Prays.

Because her dreams are untethered and vast,
And all she seems still outdoes the last,
For how she sees what lies unseen,
And all the pains that hide within.

For how Mean Minnie is,
And all the little many ways you tease,
Untethered and at ease,
A genius at naughty wizz.

For all the hurt her soul has undone,
For all the hurt that made her undone,
For all  the hurt and all its done,
For all the hurt that now is none.

Sometimes it’s the way she waits,
All times her humble ways,
But most times it’s the way she stays,
When demons and evils stage.

But first among them all,
Is How She Loves.


7. I sold my soul: A Judas Edition

The Nubian Ibex

 I could tell you I regret
That my heart ached with coward pain
That in that moment, shame wasn’t why I did fidget
But that I had so much gain
That silver beauty lay delicious in my pocket
Just enough motivation to kiss in sight so plain

I could still whisper in your ears
That the walk to betray was so tough
The soles of my feet were lined with Godly fears
That while I was quick, the storm of decision was rough
Each step towards the messiah endured- years
That in the end, walking by him wasn’t enough

Not sure you’d listen, I would tell still
Of how I relished my ways so sly
How my heart went hard and cold as steel
I could tell you I wanted to cry
That I was oblivious of their plan to kill
That when about the savior they came to pry

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A Bird in the Bush

I once loved a girl, dark and beautiful and lithe,
Her smile like the rays of a chilly morning’s sun,
Time stopped and seasons paused,
All of nature paying homage to her presence.

I once loved a girl, frisky and freaky and free,
We ruled the earth and all that walks within,
Feeling the elements on our naked skin,
Showering on milk, feeding on everything sweet.

I once loved a girl who needed more,
More of life, more time, more of me,
And to find it she tasted of the tree of life,
And she found a taste that now matters.

I once loved a girl, who loved me,
And forgive her I would if I knew how,
And forgive me she would if she knew how,
We fated to doom, like a Siamese heartbeat.

I once loved a girl, who I Love still!

These Words


Putting bits of yourself in ink
Sometimes wholes

Baring yourself
I hear we have a soul
In some complex myriad or mesh
A body a spirit a soul
Some three some ness

I shall go with self though, for this one
Writing is an avenue
An expression
A voice

It is a letting in
As much as it is a letting out

It is a gift I think I have
I enjoy written works, some more than others, as is of course
Some are way off my course
Others are in my cause

It is not a gift I think I give
Because mainly I write for me
To tell
To vent
To enjoy the thrill
Of words jumping
Out from my mind

Whether it be on a keyboard
Or with ink on a page
They flow
They dance
They swirl

Am no good on my feet
But with my ears
And with my words
I groove!


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Find X

When your ex weds
And it ends

What ends?
If it had already ended?

To what end are these musings
Because I know they are not missings

He left
Your paths cross
The ones you thought you would tread together
Though your hearts long parted

The mind though
It still remembers
Though there are no embers

You moved on
You healed
Into a romance far much deeper you have gleaned

Something stirs though
And it lingers
The curiosity to find this x
Who now completes his equation

And so you see her
And she is lovely
And you know he would not have chosen less

But then you wonder
If she has it
This intellect
And realize, that maybe
It is he that lacked it


You have long been comforted
You are even contented

You have seen some of its works

So you wish him well
And turn that page
Actually no, you close that book.
That book marked x
That equation you shall never solve




I once knew a bird, that thought it absurd that other birds could fly,
So absurd in fact, he’d trudge through mud rather than try,
So spread the word, and it came to be heard by a cat too sly,
Who by the roadside sat and took a nap till the bird walked by.

And absurd I find that absurd we find things just shy,
Why, oh why,  without a try do we deem it too high,
A skip , a hop, a quaint little dance of reasons not why,
Only to find that all it took was a little pry.


Photo courtesy of Ron Leishman


Where flowers grow and dew never goes cold,
Where rivers flow and we never grow old,
Where hearts show and intentions are never told,
Where things are slow, and forever unfolds.

Should love tear* it melts to hate,
A pile of tears on a Golden Slate,
Patches on tears, said too late
A heart on a tear, another’s Bait.

And we stare down on the Heavens,
Reflections cruel deception,
Eight’s bowing down to sixes and seven’s,
Kings and Queens at a slaves reception.

When Fate and will conspire to spill,
All we feel, our realities real
Like Mutton Veal, the truth unreeled
Into Fables and fodder for the rumor Mill.

Staring at nothings yesterday,
Seeing nothing but everything’s today,
Were I brave I’d ask you “Stay”….
Let me love you one more day!

*tear has been used as per its meaning(s) as a noun


At last I have found her, at last I am home
The calming whisper of the fir trees,
The ray of sunlight in my bedroom window,
The last mouthful of a fudge cake, I have found her.

The first smile from a child,
When Bob Marley sings,
The quiet moment before sleep,
A pat, a hug, a kiss goodnight.

Like dew on a Red Rose,
An adoring stare from one held dear,
To hear you say you thought of me,
Yet none equates to “I Love you too!”




The sun to rule the day, the moon to shine by night
Yet still the moon not as bright,
 When her Earth dances and swirls aslight,
So we’re cast in the darkest of frights.

To Jupiter or Mars,
For Jupiter rules and Mars makes war,
But mightier than they is she who’s she,
Venus of beauty, the goddess of Love.

And I as frail without your might,
When time deprives and space divides,
Should tempests hit and age deny,
I beg to stay and die beside.

Aires knows that cupid lies,
I Love you more than I love life,
Should chance provide what fate denies,
I’ll love you still past this my life.

And eons past in a moments cast,
Unknowns may ask who thou art,
In fear and woe and mighty fret,
So shall they know of my greatest yet.




Even now as goodbye beckons I can smile,
Smile for the many times you my daughter brought Sunshine,
Smile for the many jokes I played on the many un-named,
I smile for I have lived, for the part I’ve played.

It’s not by delusion that I wear this face,
They wonder, they staring helplessly
They getting to know how frail life is,
And they wonder why I smile.

I am ebbing, seeing things I never saw before
Maybe the blood in my eyes shades the familiar,
But then again maybe the unknown beckons,
Beckons with promise of sight, of breath, of life.

Wailing? Yes that is wailing, women’s wailing
Now I see, they hold their breath as if afraid to live
They are waiting, hoping, praying, holding their sons near
I am a son, I am a son! And I smile

Men, how they take charge bursting sinews
Sweating, puffing, thrusting, heaving
A ton and a  few men on top isn’t easy to lift after all
They won’t stop, I should stop them I’m almost done.

I lay beneath my beautiful metallic muscle,
She who once bore me now demands I do the same,
Not unlike the much unsaid that weighs on my mind,
The smiles not shared, precious moments cast in normalcy.

For life is but a moment, and in this moment all others have being
The past almost forgotten, the future departing
The people that mattered, yonder’s plans
The road not travelled, my life my legacy.

I want to cry out, voice all they’ll never know
Hold my wife, a true Queen to a ‘King’
See my daughters smile for one last time,
If not for these then to say “Daddy loves you”.

The crowd gathers, raising dins and wails and hysteria
But I ebb in silence thinking of a safety belt,
In this here moment, when all that matters is goodbye
All I can do is Smile!

@njugunaXavier 2012

Dear Timothy:
For the many times that silence cloaked our days, for the times you were there and your presence as fact of life, for the days when a pat a hug a meal shared was a gesture of habit.
For those many times unmentioned that now seem few, You are loved, will be loved and never forgotten for those few times are all we have of you and they will be forever treasured.
Rest in peace Timo!
Born: 4/12/1988            Died: 22/09/2012